Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones
1-3 Months:

On back with head to one side. Looks at mobiles and faces, random kicking and waving on tummy, lifts head momentarily. Smiles responsively, coos, looks at hands, hands are open 50% of the time.
4-6 Months:

On back with head to center. Hands together, plays with fingers, shakes rattle, babbles, vocalizes in mirror, bears weight on feet when supported, reaches for toys, brings toys to mouth, rolls from tummy to back, sits with help.
7-9 Months:

Puts feet in mouth, crawls on tummy or knees, rolls from back to tummy, bangs toys, changes toys between hands, sits for a long time, goes to tummy, bounces in standing, stands holding on, pokes at objects with index finger.
10-12 Months:

Pulls to stand, gets back to floor, says da-da, ma-ma, understands “no”, walks around furniture, walks with one hand held, scribbles with crayon, picks up small cracker, pats picture in book, plays ball, babbles in response to voice.
13-15 Months:

Turns thick pages of book a few at time, holds spoon and brings to mouth, imitates putting object inside something, walks, crawls, maneuvers around and onto furniture, learning true words, (“mama”, “bye”, “dada”, “no”).
16-18 Months:

Walks comfortably carrying objects, starts to run, points to request, has 10 word vocabulary, turns door knob, kicks a ball with poor balance, uses spoon well, drinks from cup, pulls off socks and shoes, helps with undressing.
19-22 Months:

Speaks in two word sentences, feeds self well, chews all food, helps with dressing, takes off coat, pushes self on scooter, jumps with feet unequal, scribbles holding pencil well, copies lines and circles, names objects in books, follows verbal direction well, identifies 3 body parts and clothing items.
23-27 Months:

Kicks ball with good balance, puts on simple pieces of clothing, hops on one foot, sucks from straw, indicates when needing toilet, turns pages of book one at a time, can dry own hands, jumps with feet together, helps clean up, eats with a fork.
28-32 Months:

Speaks clearly with three to four word sentences, plays interactively with other children, recognizes self in pictures, can name and point to most body parts, matches familiar objects, expresses emotion dramatically: clapping, dancing, tends not to share, imitates domestic chores (cleaning, cookies), listens to a story.
33-36 Months

Walks in a straight line, runs well, jumps with both feet, tramadol 50 mg with pencil, builds tower of nine or more blocks, manipulates small objects with ease, feeds self without help, pours well, can unlace and take off shoes, cleans up spilled liquids, speaks well with adults, can reason out answers to simple questions, can wait his/her turn, learns to share, can follow three-step directions, can count to ten, understand big/little, fast/slow, up/down.